Why Are More Females Playing Video Games?

Instead of a dough roller and dolls now women are filling their hands with remotes and consoles. No, this is not a protest over the domestic roles they normally hold, but due to a number of reasons. Here is the list on why more women are playing video games.

Really all I use my computer for is my stock trading, but my wife likes to play games to that lead me to my question. First of them is the growing interest and involvement in technology. More girls are learning about new and varied fields, leading them to higher self esteem and knowing they can do whatever boys can. When one says technology, we don't mean things like vacuum cleaners, washing machines, ovens or other things that women have historically involved with. The graphics and sound effects that the video games have are cool and girls seem to be as attracted to them as men are. They are not afraid to tinker with the buttons or make mistakes, so long as they are learning.

A big factor is financial stability. As girls hold paying jobs they can both afford to play video games, and deserve to as a stress reliever. That being said one can be sure that there are times when the natural thoughts will kick in along with a preference for more essential items before indulging in tech. This is a significant reason why more women are playing video games as it is one of the determinants of achievement.

The third major reason is that game development has focused a lot more on women than it used to. Lots of games focus on action and adventure, mostly they are set in the war field. There is a number of the fairer sex also into playing them but as the game developers have seen a potential market aside from the men and the kids, more games are designed to accommodate that market. More games today are targeted at the female demographic with softer graphics and story-lines, even tho these games are also popular with many males.

Fourth reason is for entertainment, same as everybody else’s. Sewing, cooking and cleaning are no longer an area of "entertainment" for women, so their hobbies have grown along with the forwarding of technology. Don’t be surprised to find a woman with a gaming console during her free time.

A fifth reason behind this females video game phenomena is that a lot of females like to be in direct competition with men. Although this competition is friendly, they take place and all try to get a high achievement and that achievement makes them winners.

The trend in the society has changed. Gone are the days where men are dumbfounded - or even furious on occasion - upon finding women whose interest pushes far from the four walls of their house. When more girls play video games, there is now a point of interest shed between males and females that they can compete in. Adding up video games in the list of introductory topics such as books, politics, sports and movies can also stimulate conversation on a first date. So, aside from the psychological and social relevance of women being able to play video games, having fun outweighs all the other reasons and the objections as well. For christmas this year it looks like I'll have to find legend of zelda for sale.

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