Review Bunnyz Nintendo DSi Game

The first worry you must perhaps know about Bunnyz the Nintendo DSi game is that this is not a game for ‘real’ gamers. It’s probably not a game for boys, either and the chances are it’s aimed at kids (unless, again, you love the furry animal). As a direct result of its casual focus, and the happening that there are several titles in the Petz range, (ranging back all the way to Dogz and Catz on the PC) there was never misgiving overly it can be frowned upon.

As you can imagine, I went to currently with some inhibitions. I love bunnies, yes, but I don’t love terrible games - that sadly the better part of my judgement warned me this could be. What I discovered was a game that, whilst not as deep as similar games in the genre (*cough*Nintendogs*cough*), it’s still thoroughly entertaining for short periods, taken regularly. At first, I was unsure who they were aiming their at, but it soon changed. It was upon reaching the title screen so I realised this game might not be for adults or boys - I was met -or rather, cuddled - by an image of cartoon bunnies that oozed cute appeal so thick that I was left talking in sugar coated words for the subsequently 3 hours. An even cuter anime-style bunny girl subsequently navigated me in the process of choosing my first bunny from a surprisingly good span of rabbits - 4 colours in 4 several breeds - I came out in Becky, a white Netherland Dwarf rabbit. From there, you’ll go to the hutch, which is where the majority of the game takes place.

Gameplay is fairly basic and is all controlled amid the touch screen. Unlike Nintendogs, there is no voice control, that to some will be a negative point, but to me was a blessing - not every situation permits you to jabber silly instructions in a cutesy voice, let alone at a games console. Your main job is to remain your bunny exultant by petting, brushing, feeding and playing surrounded by it, as vastly as teaching it how to communicate with you. This is completed through a child's mini-game where you touch letters in the correct order to spell a phrase. It’s not difficult but it’s narrower embarrassing as opposed to repeating a line to a microphone a few times.

To get food and toys, as far as new hutch designs and accessories for dressing up your bunny, you play amusing small amount mini-games. These are all touch controlled and include a light-rpg called ‘Monster’, a balancing game, air hockey, and more. They help to break up the periods of teaching your rabbit how to speak or petting it and are all fun in such a own way. The downside is the they only pop up randomly and can be infrequent, and when properties do pop up you can’t select how game you’ll play, or at what difficulty.

In the end, Bunnyz comes out as one of those games which are best played for 30 seconds every day, rather as opposed to for hours on end. It’s not particularly deep or nonetheless realistic (if you can find me a bunny that asks me how I am and reads hello, please get in contact) but what it does do well is submit a fun distraction and a ridiculously cute little digital friend. It’s more often than not quite cheap to buy as well - and it tends to pop up in sales.

Review Bunnyz on Nintendo DSi

My personal recommendation is too this game should be bought for the younger audience and possibly more aimed towards girls (the candy-floss colour scheme significantly suggests it). It’d probably be a good thought to buy this for a child who wants a pet, as a way of seeing how long they stay interest in looking after it…but be sure to warn them in the future of time that real rabbits don’t speak.

As one final note, I’d such as to say that whilst I’ve never played any of the other Petz games on DS, there’s a fair chance they’ll all be similar to the one, but with the animal and settings somewhat tweaked - so use such review as a rough guide if you wish.

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Why Are More Females Playing Video Games?

Instead of a dough roller and dolls now women are filling their hands with remotes and consoles. No, this is not a protest over the domestic roles they normally hold, but due to a number of reasons. Here is the list on why more women are playing video games.

Really all I use my computer for is my stock trading, but my wife likes to play games to that lead me to my question. First of them is the growing interest and involvement in technology. More girls are learning about new and varied fields, leading them to higher self esteem and knowing they can do whatever boys can. When one says technology, we don't mean things like vacuum cleaners, washing machines, ovens or other things that women have historically involved with. The graphics and sound effects that the video games have are cool and girls seem to be as attracted to them as men are. They are not afraid to tinker with the buttons or make mistakes, so long as they are learning.

A big factor is financial stability. As girls hold paying jobs they can both afford to play video games, and deserve to as a stress reliever. That being said one can be sure that there are times when the natural thoughts will kick in along with a preference for more essential items before indulging in tech. This is a significant reason why more women are playing video games as it is one of the determinants of achievement.

The third major reason is that game development has focused a lot more on women than it used to. Lots of games focus on action and adventure, mostly they are set in the war field. There is a number of the fairer sex also into playing them but as the game developers have seen a potential market aside from the men and the kids, more games are designed to accommodate that market. More games today are targeted at the female demographic with softer graphics and story-lines, even tho these games are also popular with many males.

Fourth reason is for entertainment, same as everybody else’s. Sewing, cooking and cleaning are no longer an area of "entertainment" for women, so their hobbies have grown along with the forwarding of technology. Don’t be surprised to find a woman with a gaming console during her free time.

A fifth reason behind this females video game phenomena is that a lot of females like to be in direct competition with men. Although this competition is friendly, they take place and all try to get a high achievement and that achievement makes them winners.

The trend in the society has changed. Gone are the days where men are dumbfounded - or even furious on occasion - upon finding women whose interest pushes far from the four walls of their house. When more girls play video games, there is now a point of interest shed between males and females that they can compete in. Adding up video games in the list of introductory topics such as books, politics, sports and movies can also stimulate conversation on a first date. So, aside from the psychological and social relevance of women being able to play video games, having fun outweighs all the other reasons and the objections as well. For christmas this year it looks like I'll have to find legend of zelda for sale.

Advanced Uses for MySpace

MySpace members can generate a website quickly through templates.

These templates enable users to create a generic website in very little time. For those who are just interested in making new friends or keeping in touch with old friends, this may be all the member needs. However, those who want to offer more on their website or those who simply want to create a more detailed website may require some more advanced knowledge to achieve the desired effects.

Advanced uses for MySpace
Adding Background Music in MySpace

The majority of websites on the Internet do not have background music. This may lead many young MySpace members to believe adding music to the background is a difficult process but it really isn’t. In fact MySpace makes it incredibly simple for members to add music to their profiles. The steps to add music to a MySpace profile are as follows:

* Log into your MySpace account
* While logged in visit this web address:
* Listen to the music available and select a suitable song for your profile
* Click on the link that says “Add” below the song title
* The music is then automatically added to your profile

It is important to note that users can only add one song at a time to their profile. Clicking the “Add” link on a second song will result in the original song being replaced on the profile by the new song. Songs can be removed from a profile at any time by going to the “Edit profile” section of your account and entering the “Profile songs” subcategory. Here you have the option to remove your chosen song.

Adding Videos to MySpace

Adding videos to MySpace is also not as difficult as it seems. Even those with no HTML skills can add videos produced by other members or even their own videos to their MySpace profile. The steps to add a video to your MySpace profile are as follows:

* Log into your MySpace Account
* From your MySpace homepage, click on the “Add/Change Videos” link
* You are then taken to another webpage where you can either search through a database of previously uploaded videos or upload your own video
* To search the database, click on the search videos button and browse through the available videos
* After watching a video you can add the video to your profile in a couple of ways. First you can click on the “Add to my profile” button or you can copy the source code provided and paste this code into the desired location on your profile.

Alternately you can add your own videos to your MySpace profile by first uploading them to MySpace and then adding them to your profile. When uploading a video care should be taken to ensure the video does not violate the terms of service.

Creating Interactive Features on MySpace

Creating interactive features on MySpace is a bit more involved. Members can create features which allow visitor interaction but these features require more extensive HTML knowledge. The best way to acquire the information necessary to design these types of features is to research the subject of HTML code in books or on the Internet. However, if you find a feature on another MySpace website you would like to include in your own profile you can contact the member and ask them how to add this feature.

What Was Your Best Game For 2008?

Well 2008 has come to a close, so let’s take a look back and see what great games were released, and choose which game has been the best in 2008.

All through 2008 there had been some amazing video game releases on the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but I think the second half of the year was the best. There were heaps of games released and they have kept me and tons of other gamergirls entertained this year.

Here are just a few of the awesome games that have been released in the past year:

Lost Odyssey - I thought this game was fairly good, except the combat of the game wasn’t great. It was one huge game, 4 disks, it will take a long time to get through it all.

lost odyssey xbox360 game

Lego Indiana Jones - I am a huge fan of the Lego games, I love them and think they are great fun. Although they are pretty short and can be completed in one day, the way the Lego team creates the game and adds their own humour is brilliant. Lego Batman - This game was really very much the same as Lego Indiana but it's still a brilliant game to play. All for the Lego games so far have been amazingly fun to play, they are great for the whole family to enjoy.

lego batman game wii

Civilization Revolution - I only played this game a few times on the Xbox 360 but I thought it was brilliant, a lot different from any other Civilization game I've played.most fun online games sid meiers civilization revolution

Devil May Cry 4 - I know of a lot of people that have said that this game is great, but I don't really see it. I played the demo on the Xbox 360 and thought, "hmm, a lot of jumping". I thought the game was very repetitive, not my cup of tea.most fun online games Devil May Cry 4 screenshot

Mario Kart Wii - Although I am not a great fan of the Mario games, I did like this one. Especially when you have the special Wii steering wheel, it makes the game alot of fun, although its better to play as a group, it's still alot of fun on your own, a must play for Wii lovers.most fun online games mario kart wii

GRID - I never liked this game, the graphics were very good but because you could rewind time if you crashed, I thought it ruined it.most fun online games GRID

Burnout Paradise - The only problem with this game is that it's repetitive, you do a lot of races and then get a new license, once you get that license you have to repeat all of the races again, just a little bit harder to get another license. Overall I thought the game was good for a drive around but gets slightly repetitive.most fun online games burnout paradise 3

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Even though I only played the game a few times , it was great fun when I played it. The basic controls and fast paced game play makes it really fun to play as a party. The ability to jump around as Pikachu is great and rather funny.most fun online games super smash bros brawl europe

Metal Gear Solid 4 - Although this game has a lot of movie scenes, which can be rather lengthy, the bit where you get to play are brilliant, I thought the graphics were top notch and the story line great, when you got to play it that is.most fun online games metal gear solid 4

Rock Band - Brilliant, I have always loved the Guitar Hero games, but when this was released I just had to get it, I loved the set list and loved the new instruments, awesome game and a must play for any music game lover. Rock Band 2 - This game is brilliant, although it;s basically the same as Rock Band 1, it comes with a wider and more expandable set list, awesome to play and great fun in a group. Guitar Hero World Tour - This game, like with Rock Band is a awesome game, the new instruments were great but I thought the set list really pulled it down, it depends on your taste but I wasn't amazed by it.most fun online games Rock Band 3

Grand Theft Auto 4 - You can't really complain about this game, all of the other GTA's have been outstanding but this one just topped the lot. Outstanding graphics and the ability to change the way the game ends depending on the choices you make just makes it even better. Plus with the addition of new content coming next year, the game just gets deeper and better.most fun online games GTA4 XBOX

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - There was a lot of hype about this game but I personally was not majorly impressed. The whole look and game play of it was awesome but the length of the storyline was not great, plus with no online play, the game was over with a few days.most fun online games star wars the force unleashed screenshot

Left 4 Dead - If you loved games like Counter Strike and Half Life, you will love this, it's made by the same people, Valve, but this time it's based on zombies. You work as a team of 4 people to escape from the city. I particularly like the emphasis the game has on team work and the realistic guns and weapons.most fun online games left4dead

Fable 2 - In one way Fable 2 was great in another it was ok. The whole storyline, new graphics and ability to change the whole game by making one decision is awesome. But the length and difficulty of the game was a let down, I found it to be alot shorter than Fable 1 and it was also alot simpler as you didn't seem to have to kill any major bosses. Although it does have some downsides, I still say it's a great game.most fun online games fable 2 II

Mirror's Edge - Some people might think that this game is poor, but I don't, I thought it was brilliant, just like Assassins Creed, which I loved. I personally thought that Mirror's Edge was great, the graphics were outstanding and the whole storyline was great, the only downside I found was the cut scenes, they looked really poor to be honest.most fun online games mirrors edge

Far Cry 2 - There is one major problem with this game, once you start to play, you can't stop for several hours. The whole storyline and ability to change the game as you play is great, plus having to battle with malaria, brings a whole new dimension to the game. You have a great arsenal of weapons plus there are some pretty good features, the ability to start a bush fire to take advantage of your enemies, your guns jam if you pick them up off the ground, your car breaks down after a few crashes. All these things made the game great, on e of the best of 2008.most fun oline games far cry 2 screenshot

Call of Duty 5: World of War - This game had a lot to live up to, I don't think it quite achieved that. I personally didn't like CoD5 as much as 4 because it went back to the World Wars. But that aside, the graphics and game play was great, although it didn't live up to CoD4.most fun online games call of duty 5

All of the games listed above were really fun to play and kept me entertained all year round but it's come to tell you what my game of the year is, although it's a really difficult decision. Although it's a hard decision, I would have to say that Gear of War 2 is my game of the year, simply because of the constant fighting and action, plus with it's great graphics and storyline, it makes it the best game of 2008. What's yours?