Strategy Guides For Video Game Players

In the compex world of girls video games, strategy guides aren't considered a luxury any more. If you want to be successful at any girls adventure game, a video strategy guide is a must have item. If you're a hard core gamer girl you more than likely want to be able to win the game on your own without a strategy guide. With today's extremely challenging games, you can get some high fives for facing such a daunting task. Your girl friends will be amazed if you don't have to consult a single video game strategy guide while playing your favourite game.

It's hard to believe but I've been using video game cheats and strategy guides since I had the original 8-bit Nintendo. The game cheats we used back in the day were pretty undeveloped. There were only eight buttons that you could push, so every video game cheat was a combination of up, down, left, right, b, a, select, and start. They were pretty easy to remember, and we were always trading them with my girlfriends. Sometimes we would even find one accidentally.

We also had some video game strategy guides that were published by Nintendo or the maker of the game. They were really useful for games like Pokemon or The Legend of Zelda. The video games would contain many riddles to decipher and adventures that needed completing. Being able to have the video game strategy guide available was great when you got stumped. These guides didn't emphasise cheats so much as explain how to solve the riddles.

Video game strategy guides come in handy for girls PC games that are available in mass quantities too. I remember that I used to relish playing the King's Quest games. The games were so hard it took a video game strategy guide to get your way through. A video game strategy guide for an adventure game like that could be a 10, 20, or even 30 pages long. They were more like books than “guides.” The games were already so many-sided that it was like reading a novel to find your way through the labyrinth.

The trends haven't changed as video game makers produce harder video games for us girls needing more complex video game strategy guides. I remember when I purchased the Empire Earth strategy guide a number of years ago. It was at least one hundred fifty pages long! I've heard that this is not abnormal for video game strategy guides nowadays either. Some of them are even more massive. Still, I guess that's what you need to get through a confusing video game.

If you have figured it out yet you would probably have to have the IQ of a female Einstein to be able to make it through the compexities of today's video games without a video game strategy guide. I would suggest not using them though until you absolutely have to so as not to take away the challenge that your video game offers you. You got the video game in the first place for that main reason didn't you? Break out your video game strategy guide when you don't know what to do next and get to where you need to go. Go girl!

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